Aaron Fogus, Owner

AIM Fabrication Inc.

  • 2896 West 450 North LaPorte IN, 46350
  • Phone: (219) 362-8729 Fax: (219) 362-8727


At AIM Fabrication Inc., we provide a wide variety of services that you can take advantage of. Our American Welding Society certified welders work with various types of materials, including mild steel, hardened steel, stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, and more.

In Addition to our welding and fabrication work, we also perform maintenance tasks. Some of the specific things we repair and maintain are cranes, mezzanines, platforms, stairways, handrails, and other structures. These are just a part of our ability to conduct plant-wide maintenance. Rebar installation and steel erection are a part of our regular work load, as well.

AIM Fabrication Inc. is not limited by certain hours of operation because, day or night, we perform these services 24 hour per day. Feel free to click on the Contact Us page to ask questions about any of the services that were listed or whether we can assist you with your other needs.